Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gennum Annual Form (Toronto Stock Exchange)

Customers: "Our top OEM customers for our financial year ended November 30, 2008 were as Avago Technologies, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Evertz Microsystems Ltd., Finisar Corporation, Harris Corporation, JDS Uniphase Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, SONY Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation and Thomson S.A. Our sales to these customers accounted for a total of approximately 39% of our net revenues for our financial year ended November 30, 2008."

Sales by Product Group (US$):
  • Analog & Mixed-Signal: $97.9M, 77.1%
  • Optical: $17.6M, 13.9%
  • IP Licensing: $11.4M, 9.0%
Wafer Foundries: "We are a “fabless” semiconductor company, and outsource wafer fabrication for our products to third-party silicon wafer foundries such as United Manufacturing Corporation ("UMC"), STMicroelectronics and Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (Jazz)."

Employees: "At the end of the financial year of the Corporation ended November 30, 2008, we employed 429 people in our operations. The functional breakdown of our employees is as follows:
  • Administrative: 82
  • Research & Development: 168
  • Operations: 90
  • Marketing & Sales: 64"
(No explanation as to why the totals don't match)