Thursday, March 26, 2009

Semtech 10K

Customer concentration:
  • Samsung Electronics 18% (up from 8% last fiscal year)
  • Frontek Technology (a distributor) 12%
Revenue by end markets:
  • Computer 18%
  • Communications 18%
  • High-End Consumer 37%
  • Industrial/Other 27%
Revenue by reported segments:
  • Standard Semiconductor 89%
  • Rectifier, Assembly and Other 11%
Employees: "As of January 25, 2009, we had 827 full-time employees. There were 179 employees in research and development, 153 in sales, marketing and field services, and 94 in general, administrative and finance. The remaining employees support operational activities, including product and test engineering, assembly, manufacturing, distribution and quality functions."

Foundry: "For fiscal year 2009, approximately 40% of our silicon in terms of cost of wafers, was supplied by a third-party foundry (unnamed) in China, and this percentage could be even higher in future periods."

Assembly and test: "A majority of our package and test operations are performed by third-party contractors (unnamed) based in Malaysia, Korea, the Philippines and China."