Friday, March 20, 2009

Actel 10K

Wafer foundry and geometries:
  • "Chartered in Singapore using 0.45- and 0.35-micron design rules
  • Infineon in Germany using 0.25- and 0.13-micron design rules
  • Panasonic (formerly Matsushita) in Japan using 1.0-, 0.9-, 0.8- and 0.25-micron design rules
  • UMC in Taiwan using 0.25/0.22-, 0.15-, and 0.13-micron and 65nm design rules
  • Winbond in Taiwan using 0.8- and 0.45-micron design rules
In November 2008, UMC and Actel jointly announced that the two companies have collaborated in the production of Actel’s next generation Flash-based FPGAs. The chips will be manufactured on UMC’s 65nm low leakage process, and will take advantage of the foundry’s 65nm embedded Flash (“eFlash”) technology."

Patent foundation: "As of February 25, 2009, we held more than 390 United States patents and had applications pending for approximately 120 additional United States patents. We also held more than 100 foreign patents and had applications pending for more than 90 patents outside the United States."

Employees: "At the end of 2008, we had 550 full-time employees, including 142 in marketing, sales, and customer support; 226 in engineering and research and development; 143 in operations; and 39 in administration and finance. This compares with 584 full-time employees at the end of 2007, a decrease of 6%."