Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Raider Obrem Capital reduces holdings in Micrel

Hardly greenmail considering the losses Obrem has taken on the stock...

San Jose, CA, February 11, 2009 — Micrel, Incorporated (Nasdaq NM: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, announced today that a private placement was completed in which Micrel, Incorporated acquired 1.6 million shares of its common stock from Obrem Capital Management LLC at a purchase price of $6.25 per share, representing a moderate discount to the 30-day trailing average closing price on the day that the parties reached an agreement in principle, for a total purchase price of $10 million. The Company used a portion of its cash on hand for the shares it purchased in the transaction. The purchase was made as part of the Company’s share repurchase program previously announced on December 30, 2008.

In addition, Ray Zinn, Micrel’s president and CEO, and certain members of Micrel’s board of directors and executive officers, purchased an additional 283,000 shares from Obrem Capital, at the same discounted price for a total purchase price of approximately $1.8 million.

In total, the purchases represent 2.8% of the Company’s common stock outstanding. The Company will have 65,378,655 shares of common stock outstanding after the purchase.