Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cirrus Logic 10K

Fiscal 2009 revenue by reporting segment:
  • Audio products: $97.3M down 3%
  • Energy products: $77.3M down 5%
Distributor: "Sales to one distributor, Avnet, Inc., represented 33 percent, 27 percent and 29 percent of total sales in fiscal years 2009, 2008 and 2007, respectively."

Patent foundation:
"As of March 28, 2009, we held 1,094 U.S. patents, 136 U.S. pending patent applications and various corresponding international patents and applications."

Employees: "As of March 28, 2009, we had 479 full-time employees, of whom 46 percent were engaged in research and product development activities, 36 percent in sales, marketing, general and administrative activities and 18 percent in manufacturing-related activities."

Thaler acquisition: "On December 8, 2008, we executed an asset purchase agreement with Thaler Corporation of Tucson, Arizona, an entity specializing in the manufacture of precision analog and mixed signal devices. The purchase price of the acquisition was $1.1 million, which consisted primarily of intangible assets and inventory."