Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ARM Holdings plc 20F

Customer and revenue base: "At December 31, 2008, ARM’s technology has been licensed to 210 semiconductor companies, including many of the leading semiconductor companies worldwide..........In fiscal year 2008 the semiconductor industry as a whole declined by about 4%. The Company once again grew revenues, achieving a growth rate in US dollar revenues of approximately 6%.......Processor Division (PD) dollar license revenues grew by 18% in 2007 and decreased by 11% in 2008. The portfolio of licensable products comprises a rich mix of proven ARM technology, such as the ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 families of products and newer technology such as the Cortex family of products and the Mali 3D graphics processors. 61 new licenses were signed in 2008 compared to 62 in 2007 and 65 in 2006. Revenues from Cortex family products accounted for 37% of PD license revenues in 2008, compared to 31% in 2007 and 26% in 2006. Cortex products started generating revenue in 2005. ARM11 accounted for 14% of PD license revenues in 2008, compared to 23% in 2007 and 22% in 2006. 23 companies became new ARM Partners in 2008, bringing the total number of semiconductor partners to 210 at the end of 2008."

Revenue by segment:
  • Processor Division: £221.4M
  • Physical IP Division: £46.4M
  • Systems Design Division: £31.1M
Physical IP licenses by geometry: "Licensing momentum for ARM’s 65nm physical IP products continued to grow, with 10 new licenses signed in 2008. By the end of 2008, ARM had signed a total of 47 65nm licenses, 18 45nm licenses and had signed licenses for physical IP with 3 foundries at the most advanced process of 32nm."

Video IP acqusition: "On December 16, 2008, the Company purchased the entire share capital of Logipard AB from Anoto Group AB and other shareholders for total cash consideration of SEK 68 million (£5.5 million) and £0.1 million of related acquisition expenses. The acquisition of video processor technology builds on the success of the ARM’s 3D graphics processor, and enables ARM to provide customers with an integrated multimedia platform, which is becoming increasingly important in devices such as mobile computers, portable media players and digital TVs."

Employees: "At December 31, 2008, the Company had 1,740 full-time employees, including 501 in the United States, 35 in Japan, 13 in South Korea, 10 in Taiwan, 23 in P.R. China and 300 in India."

Patent foundation: "The Company has an active program to protect its proprietary technology through the filing of patents. The Company currently holds 427 US patents on various aspects of its technology, and 734 non-US patents with expiration dates ranging from 2012 to 2029. In addition, the Company has 414 patent applications pending in the United States and an additional 576 patent applications pending in the United Kingdom and various other jurisdictions.....The number of proposed patent applications submitted by ARM employees was 143 in 2008..."